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Tennis Tournament LEADER OPEN 2021 with Spectacular Finale in Plovdiv

This year the LEADER OPEN tennis tournament celebrated 10 years since its establishment and the event turned out to be spectacular. The weather was sunny and warm both days during the tournament and the great mood did not drop until the final.

Organized for the first time in September 2012 by LEADER 96 Ltd., this is already an annual event for tennis fans, in which there is no limit for the age groups of participants. The aim of the tournament is to gather tennis fans and promote fun through exercise and healthy living. All the participants need is a competitive spirit and fair play.

There were 90 participants in the men’s singles – divided into 30 groups of 3 participants, with the first 2 from each group. A total of 60 of the 90 registered participants continued in the games, and the games were played according to a scheme. Winners of SINGLE men’s games:1st place single – RADOSLAV VLADIMIROV from Sofia2nd place single – IVAN PRITARGOV from Burgas3rd place single – DIMITAR AVDJIEV from Stara Zagora The men’s doubles games were held on Sunday. 24 pairs were recorded, divided into 8 groups of 3 pairs, with the first pairs from each group being ranked, after which the games were rolled out on a chart. The winners of the PAIR men’s games: 1st place couples – Mitov D. and Kosev M.2nd place couples – Bozhkov I. and Nalsen M.

Interesting from the event:

  • The participants this year shared that they were very satisfied with the tournament and the organization itself, which included catering for both days. The balls for the tournament were provided by the organizers – Robin Soderling All Court Tennis Ball (Black Edition).
  • The event turned out to be international. Among the participants were representatives from Greece (Nikos Panetimitakis), Venezuela (Mats Nalsen), Italy (Mauro Montanaro), Japan (Mahabu Mahico), Romania (Giurgi Florin), some of them already regular.
  • Ivan Pritargov and Radoslav Vladimirov take part in the LEADER Open for another year and reach the final. Ivan Pritargov, besides being an avid tennis player, is a professional singer, with a planned participation in a wedding on the first night of the tennis tournament. We can only admire his dedication, with which, after the end of the games on Saturday, he left in the late afternoon to be back on the line early in Sunday morning for the start of the games at 09:00. We are convinced that it was not easy for him during the final match with Radoslav, but again with admiration we note that he played to the end. The men’s singles final was highly contested.
  • This year a judge’s chair was provided during the singles semifinals, which took place on the 1st and 2nd courts. The prizes for the winners were provided by Leader 96 EOOD and Pulmed University Hospital, and for part of the catering the gratitude is to Dairy Products OOD, Manole village.

The LEADER OPEN 2021 tournament in pictures:

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