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Preparing for EUROBIKE 2022

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce this year’s participation at EUROBIKE exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. This much anticipated event gives us the opportunity to present our new look and the modern collection of e-bikes that LEADER R&D specialists developed. The spectacular design on booth area of 120 sq.m., with integrated ride track, will undoubtedly attract the eye of corporate customers.

The company is busy offering models oriented specifically towards mountain and urban environment, with variety of looks, technical characteristics and overall performance. At EUROBIKE 2022, LEADER 96 will be presenting an expanded collection of MTB models, with main focus on stability, efficiency, and ride optimization. On global scale, MTB e–bikes are improving faster than ever before. Lower suspension, bigger tires, cables integrated into the cockpit, and upgraded frame geometry – these are the highlights of 2022, aimed at well-balanced quality of ride, neat aerodynamic look, and fun! LEADER MTB e-bikes are equipped with full suspension or hard tail, comfortable and versatile in wheel standard options – 27,5” or 29”. Battery capacity is ranging from 400 to 625Wh and motors are almost entirely central, depending on the models, overwhelmingly using BOSCH system. The frames are carefully selected from the popular demand of the market, and the high-quality components ensure safe and pleasurable ride. Here are some of the top-models:

E-TRAIL 12 represents the strength of the company in MTB e-models. Elegant and slim, this e-bike is definitely for connoisseurs. One can efficiently roll up steep climbs, or descent with speed and stability, and the performance would be equally applaudable. All cables are neatly integrated into the frame, so the cockpit has clear look. The main focus is on stability, comfort, and eye-pleasing design. Authentic and classy, E-TRAIL is the top choice of LEADER portfolio.

COMMANDER FULLY is professional level model that blends smoothing suspension with more control and stability. Thanks to frame 29” geometry with BOSCH bottom bracket interface and the RST REBEL fork, and air shock, it comes as a first-class ticket to XC adventure. The whole suspension system improves agility and pedaling and gives push to the overall performance in climbing and descending. The cables are routed internally to create cleaner look and component protection.

COMMANDER HT is the paragon of balanced ride quality on steep terrain. The model is built on lightweight 29” aluminium frame with BOSCH bottom bracket interface, combined with RST ROGUE fork thus producing progressive trail geometry. The whole e-bike is designed to add stability and advanced capabilities.

WILD HTX is exactly what you need for a dose of fun on a weekend afternoon up the hills. It is a unisex model, finely equipped for excellent performance. The ergonomic 27.5“ hardtail frame, and the combination with grippy Kenda tires delivers control, speed and most importantly, fun on the road. The colour display is cozily situated in front the eyes. The whole system provides stability and confidence, lending options to individual preference.

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