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Leader 96 Aims for Regional Leadership in E-Bike Production

PLODIV, Bulgaria – Leader 96 presented its new Jaguar branded e-bike range at the Velofollies show in Belgian Kortrijk last month.

Bulgarian Leader 96 Takes Over Panther and Jaguar Brands

PLOVDIV, Bulgaria – After opening the company’s second production facility in Bulgaria last June in which some 6 million euro has been invested, Leader 96 OOD now announces that it has taken-over the German bicycle brands Panther and Jaguar from Panther International GmbH.

Leader 96 Doubles OEM E-Bike Production Again

PLOVDIV, Bulgaria – Leader 96 Ltd is doubling its e-bike production in 2020.

Leader 96 focuses on OEM and doubles E-Bike Production

PLOVDIV, Bulgaria – E-bike production has doubled in 2020 for LEADER 96, Bulgarian OEM manufacturer.

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