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LEADER 96 team took part in Business Run marathon

The newest Plovdiv edition of the “biggest team building in Bulgaria”, Business Run, was held under the leadership of the sports club “Runner” and Liebherr, in partnership with Postbank, MetLife and Vivacom. The marathon covered 16-kilometer route around the Liebherr plant in the Maritza zone, part of the Thrace Economic Zone / TIZ/.

30 companies from the region participated with nearly 200 competitors, divided into 50 teams, and some of the companies were represented by up to 5 teams.

The inspired team of Leader 96, represented by Svetoslav Dafov, Todor Georgiev, Ralitsa Shishkova and Simeon Chochkov, joined at the last moment, but finished properly, taking 39th place among the professionals.

Thanks to everyone who took part!

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