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Leader 96 Promotes Sportsmanship and Adventure: Awarding Bicycles at the International Chess Festival City of the Seven Hills

In a celebration of intellect and sportsmanship, Leader 96, the premier bicycle producer in Bulgaria, proudly sponsored the recent International Chess Festival City of the Seven Hills. Held from May 10th to May 12nd, 2024, at the International Fair of Plovdiv, this prestigious tournament was organized by the South Eastern European Chess Organization, drawing participants from Bulgaria and neighboring countries including Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, and Ukraine.


The event showcased remarkable talent and sportsmanship, with participants of all ages demonstrating impressive skills and fair play. As the tournament concluded, the top champions were awarded not only medals and cash prizes but also an exciting addition – four high-quality bicycles courtesy of Leader 96.


The excitement was visible as winners eagerly received their prizes, but what truly warmed hearts was witnessing the immediate joy and adventure sparked by these bicycles. Some winners wasted no time in taking their new rides for a spin around the fairgrounds, while others, including the youngest champion, embarked on their first biking lessons. It’s heartening to know that these young enthusiasts will begin their biking journeys with top-of-the-line bicycles from Leader 96, setting the stage for a lifetime of adventure and healthy living.


At Leader 96, our mission extends beyond producing exceptional bicycles; we are dedicated to investing in sports and nurturing young talent. Partnering with esteemed institutions such as the National Sports Academy and Sports School allows us to actively contribute to the development of sports culture and the empowerment of future generations.

The International Chess Festival City of the Seven Hills was a testament to the power of collaboration, sportsmanship, and the joy of exploration. Leader 96 is proud to have played a part in this memorable event and looks forward to continuing our support for sports and youth development initiatives in the future.

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