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LEADER 96 Ltd: Corporate Rebranding

LEADER 96 has finished rebranding and the new modern outlook can already be seen all around! The company is one of the largest e-bike manufacturers in Eastern Europe, its business entirely focused on OEM. With the new corporate image, LEADER 96 will be competing on the challenging market of e-mobility solutions worldwide. During the last 2 years, LEADER experienced three-digit percentage growth and decided to make the best of it. In the beginning of 2022, LEADER announced the finale of its corporate rebranding. The rebranding is a serious step that companies usually undertake when they want to make a point. The point here is clear: LEADER has become renowned and respected partner and is now aiming higher – to become a name in e-mobility business.

With an internal event in February 2022, the company has announced the rebranding to its employees, and immediately after that, informed its partners and followers in social media. Its newly created Instagram account quickly gained views and approval, while LinkedIn was buzzing with appreciation. LEADER engages more and more with sharing what it is doing online and being transparent about improvements, or difficulties on the way.

At present, the company is focusing on facility modernization, effective supply chain management and strict quality control, in order to cover the requirements of the ever-growing number of customers. While ardently working on all existing e-bike product lines, the company is busy offering models oriented specifically towards urban environment, with variety of looks, technical characteristics and overall performance.

The City / Trekking collection, which is representing the basic strength of the company, this year is further enriched with both more advanced, and also more economic models. The various frame designs range from classic to modern, popular and authentic. The speed systems are offered in from 7 to 11 speeds and batteries from 400 to 500Wh. Variety of handlebars, stems and forks are present as final touch to the collection to attract the eye of the eager consumer.


Find out more at the Product section in our rebranded website www.leader96.com

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