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LEADER 96 Hosts Key Infrastructural Project Agreement

In 2022, LEADER announced the investment, via daughter company E-Velox, in a new e-bike factory that would open in 2023 and ensure 300 production jobs in the region. The total value of the investment is more than 50mln BGN and the location is part of Trakia Economic Zone near Plovdiv. With the beginning of 2023, the state undertook to invest another 1,5mln BGN for construction of road infrastructure to connect the new production plant to main road, in order to facilitate movement of vehicles and people in the vicinity. This will undoubtedly attract more business investment to the region.  The minister of Innovation and Growth Aleander Pulev presented the contract for public financing just two months after granting Class A Investor certificate to the same company. The contract formally refers to procurement of 850m road section, including side pavement and sewage system. Deadline for the project is end of 2023.

The new LEADER plant will open in the early 2023 and the expectations are high. It promises one-of-a-kind process organization model, ensuring lean, agile, and cost-effective workflow. With no operational stock and fully integrated Quality Assessment, the factory will be highly progressive in terms of supporting the operators, leading to production capacity over 250,000 e-bikes per year.

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