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Leader 96 expands its factory for electric bicycles by BGN 4 million

The Plovdiv-based company Lidep-96 is expanding its bicycle factory in the local area of Pogosh. The investment of the company is over BGN 4 million and last year it received a certificate for investor class A.

The expanded production is on a plot of 7 decares, and the entire construction is planned to be completed in a few months.

It will allow the Bulgarian company to produce more ebikes, which are already a trend not only on the European market, but on the local Bulgarian market as well, explained Emiliyan Andpeev, financial director of the Company.

It is not clear exactly how much the capacity of the plant will increase, as the production depends on the complexity of the product.

Most of the bicycles manufactured in Rogosh are exported to the EU. Main markets are the Netherlands, Germany, as well as the flagships in the sector. According to Andreev’s opinion, the export depends on the consumption in the different countries. A small part of the electric bicycles will remain for the Bulgarian market, but Andreev explained that the dynamics and the demand here are different.

According to him, the pandemic has categorically increased the number of people, using the bikes as a transport mean.

“You are overwhelmed by something for free time, in something that represents transport,” he said, adding that this is an opportunity for others.

More and more people move from public transport to individualized transport, such as bicycles.

People see where the future is, they invest in their health and move from point A to point B can be healthy and with zero emissions.


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