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Leader 96 Opened Second Bike Factory

PLOVDIV, Bulgaria – On 30th June, with a total investment of 6mln euro, the second LEADER factory is a fact, with new 18,000m² production and warehouse complex, and capacity of 150,000 bicycles per year.

Finnish Investor Building Bulgarian Powerhouse in Bikes

BEGUNJE, Slovenia – It currently produces ski’s and sailing yachts but has been successful in bikes; Slovenian Elan d.o.o. As this company has been taken over by the owner of Bulgarian bike maker Leader 96 it raises the obvious question whether Elan bicycles will be brought back to life.

Leader 96 Aims for Regional Leadership in E-Bike Production

PLODIV, Bulgaria – Leader 96 presented its new Jaguar branded e-bike range at the Velofollies show in Belgian Kortrijk last month.

Bulgarian Leader 96 Takes Over Panther and Jaguar Brands

PLOVDIV, Bulgaria – After opening the company’s second production facility in Bulgaria last June in which some 6 million euro has been invested, Leader 96 OOD now announces that it has taken-over the German bicycle brands Panther and Jaguar from Panther International GmbH.

Leader 96 Doubles OEM E-Bike Production Again

PLOVDIV, Bulgaria – Leader 96 Ltd is doubling its e-bike production in 2020.

Leader 96 focuses on OEM and doubles E-Bike Production

PLOVDIV, Bulgaria – E-bike production has doubled in 2020 for LEADER 96, Bulgarian OEM manufacturer.

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