Политика за продажба

1. All Products are listed with their unique number in the Sales Quotations (“SQ”). The Products are manufactured by Leader as per the designs and samples approved and confirmed by the Customer and are delivered on the date (“Delivery Date”) agreed in the Customer’s Purchase Order Purchase Order (“PO”).
2. Minimum Orderable Quantity (“MOQ”) per order line (BC) for each Purchase Order shall be 50 pcs, with MOQ of each used frame in the PO – 100pcs. MOQ for new frame and fork models shall be 300pcs.
3. Lead time 300 days from the date of PO acceptance and/or the written confirmation of specification and frame drawing, whichever comes last. For bikes with components with extra-long lead times, our lead time will be revised upwards accordingly. With reference to its policy for continuous improvement in terms of quality and appearance, Leader reserves its right of product and specification modifications without any prior notification. These modifications shall not in any case affect the design and appearance of the product and shall not be in any way considered an entitlement for any claim and/or reimbursement requests.
4. Lead time for samples and new products development is as follows:
4.1.For products, based on our existing frames and components database – up to 16 weeks.
4.2.For products with components that are new for our components’ database and our suppliers have an existing molds for those components – up to 28 weeks.
4.3.For products with components in our material database and our suppliers do not have existing molds for those components – up to 36 weeks.
The specified time for development in each of the cases above are considered from the PO date and/or the written confirmation of specification and frame drawing, whichever comes last. For bikes with specific components with extra-long lead times, our lead time will be revised upwards accordingly. Each and every sample will be subject of a EUR 50 per bike “Sample charge” in case the parts are available with Leader. Whenever
and air-shipment is required for the main components, the “Sample charge” will be EUR 100 per bike.
5. All designs have to be ready and confirmed not later than 8 weeks after placing the order for the bikes. Prices of the bikes are considered with sticker (ACC or UCC as per in the specification and the quotation), 1st category color from our Color Chart and for simple design (1 tone painting). In case a new sticker is ordered for a sample production only, a EUR 100 “sticker project” shall be charged.
6. After both – the specification and the order are confirmed in writing, no further modifications will be applicable.
7. All quotations sent to the customer are valid for 30 calendar days. In case an order is placed after the 30th day, the prices will be subject of a further verification and confirmation. In addition, in case of either EUR/USD exchange rate fluctuations with more than 5% or of the main raw materials (steel and aluminum) index based prices with more than 10%, the prices of the bikes will be corrected accordingly with an immediate effect.
8. Products that have been declared ready for shipment as per the agreed Delivery Date shall be received by the Customer in due course. In case the Customer needs to postpone the agreed delivery time, a warehousing charge of EUR 2 (two euro) per bike per month will be invoiced to the Customer since the first day after the agreed Delivery Date. The maximum period for using Leader’s warehouse shall be 6 (six) months.
9. In case there is an outstanding quantity of the Products in Leader’s warehouse as per the agreed POs for more than 6 (six) months after the agreed Delivery Date, the Customer shall be obliged to purchase, receive and to duly pay (including the applicable warehousing charges) all outstanding Products, within 10 (ten) days from the date of notice by Leader. In case the Customer does not purchase the outstanding quantity of the Products, Leader will have the right to charge a default penalty of EUR 50 (fifty euro) per bicycle. In addition, Leader will have the right to sell the Products to any third parties on “as is” basis, i.e. as the Products are manufactured and bearing the respective trademark as per the respective PO.
10. Warranty parts will be sent free of charge upon accepted claim. Otherwise warranty parts can be ordered by the customer according to the agreed lead time for new mass production orders. In case a production fault appears in over 5% of the supplied Products for a certain model, Leader shall rework the bikes and free them of the fault either at Leader’s or Customer’s premises (as per Leader’s decision).
11. The right of claim shall expire after 24 (twenty four) months for the frames and Bosch, Ananda/Greenway motors and batteries; after 12 (twelve) months for all other parts including forks, charges, controllers, sensors, and displays, and excluding the following consumables- tires, bandage, brake pads, brakes, wire, armor, locks and keys. The period begins with the notification by the Seller that the Products are ready for shipment.

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